Stone of the Month | February


With Valentine’s Day soon upon us, the focus on Love and relationships come into play. This can be difficult if you are not in a relationship. What can we do to heal our hearts of past hurts and attract our one and only? Why, enlist the help of your mineral allies of course!  Those already in relationship can use these same stones to enrich and deepen the love they have and take it to the next level. Which stones you ask? Where can I get them? Look no further, my friends. Ascendant Books and your friendly neighbourhood crystal experts are here to help.

What is it that keeps us from being open to receiving, reciprocating or recognizing love in its many forms? Wounds from past traumas are stored in our energy bodies, and like a thick scar, can close us off to receiving Love. The energy required to suppress the memory of these traumas depletes our vitality. As like attracts like, these old wounds have a way of magnetizing similar experiences in order to show us where healing is required. Rather than have this play out we can take matters into our own hands and begin the path toward healing.

Larimar has been called the soulmate stone and is said to help clear the karma between soul mates. This can be useful whether you have met your soulmate already or not. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues, fears, trauma, or past-life relationships between soul mates. In this way, you can begin to work on your ideal relationship without even being in one.


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