Working With Selenite

The frequency of Selenite is so high that it does not absorb or collect negative energy. Its rate of oscillation will raise the vibration of anything placed in close proximity to it. This enables whatever is close by to “shake off” any heavier negative energies, like a wet dog shaking off after a swim.


Selenite connects us to the angelic realm. It opens and activates all chakras and meridians including the third eye, crown, soul star, and beyond. The more open our connection to heaven, the easier it is to receive Divine Guidance. Our egos think they know what is best for us, planning our paths in life. Often this can bring pain and disappointment when things don't go according to plan. Selenite soothes and quiets our egos so that we may instead hear, feel and surrender to what our Higher Selves have to offer. To align with our highest aspects is not only for our own highest good, but also for the highest good of our human family.


There are many ways I would recommend to work with Selenite. To clear your home, place a piece of Selenite in every corner of your house. Hold these Selenite pieces in your palms and, with love and gratitude, thank them for helping you to maintain a peaceful and positive atmosphere in your home. When placing the pieces, use a crystal wand and your intention to weave an invisible thread around each crystal to connect them to the others. You can utilize many geometries to form this energetic grid, such as a circle, triangle, or star tetrahedron. Let your imagination and intuition guide you and most importantly, have fun!


You can also use Selenite to clear and align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. One way of doing this is with a body layout. Lay down someplace comfortable and, using your intuition, place the Selenite in appropriate places on your body and relax. The ethereal nature of this crystal provides a connection between the physical body and the other subtle energy layers, working to clear any discordant vibrations and promote harmony.




Please note: Selenite is a soft variety of gypsum and would be damaged if it were to get wet.


I hope that the energies of Selenite and of this spring season propel you into greater states of well-being on all levels.

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