Walk-In Counselling Society of Edmonton

Walk-In Counselling Society of Edmonton



People come to Walk-In Counselling Society of Edmonton for a range of reasons.  You might be looking for strategies that can be used to problem solve or help you cope with a stressful situation. You might want to determine what services and programs could be most helpful to you, or you might simply want to be listened to with understanding and without judgment. Our walk-in counselling program provides counselling service to individuals and couples. Family, friends and supportive professionals are encouraged to join in on the counselling session, to help make a plan for solutions that works for everyone. Our counsellors, who are volunteering health professionals, have their Masters in Counselling, Psychology, or Social Work and are donating their time to help our community.


Our single-session counselling use a solution-focused model that helps you focus on what is going well and working best in your life. Our counsellors are empathetic, skilled listeners who are there to help you find ways to change your situation and work in a team environment to provide you with the most support possible. Sometimes a single visit is all a person needs to figure out what they need to get things back on track. Options for a return visit are discussed based on the needs of the client and the counsellors.



As for cost, the counselling can be free, however if a client is able to contribute financially using our sliding fee scale (based on their monthly income), then we talk more about this option at the end of the counselling session.  Ultimately our goal is to empower our clients to connect with strengths and supports and to find answers that work. Also, to provide clients with informative coping strategies to apply to each person’s situation. Most importantly, clients can expect to know more about healthy relationships, community resources and increase their hope.



Please call us (780-757-0900) to find out more about our service, and you can speak with our receptionist to decide when it is best for you to visit. We also have many drop-in groups available, which are free and facilitated by a Registered Health Professional.



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