Stones of the Month | July

Since last month’s three stones were so popular, we have decided to extend it for July as well. The summer months are perfect for travelling and discovering new things and we have the perfect trio of crystals to help you while you are on your journey. The stones we have chosen for this month are great to carry with you on your travels to protect, help you communicate and remain calm when life around you can be unpredictable.

Tigers eye helps one to remain grounded, calm and centered regardless of outer or inner situations. Excellent stone for mental clarity. Supports physical vitality and energy. Great protection stone for travellers.

Turquoise is used where clear communication is needed. It enhances overall state of being. Strengthens empathy, positive vibrations, intuition and wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli brings forth truth, inner power, creativity, intuition and manifestation. It strengthens the mind and body and helps build self-confidence.

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