Stones of the Month | January

This month we have created a beautiful crystal healing bag for all of our friends looking to create the best possible life with the help of our crystal friends. Our New Beginnings crystal bag has three beautiful stones that will assist you and energize you for the amazing year ahead!

Garnet is the birth stone for January and is also considered to be the stone of devotion. The deep red colour of garnet is not only beautiful, but it is also a perfect stone for the root chakra, which is excellent for regenerating and increasing physical energy. It is a powerful stone to use when focusing on manifestation. You can also garnet when travelling to protect the wearer from evil and to dispel bad karma.



Amethyst with it’s varying shades of purple is considered to have a high spiritual vibration. It is meditative, calming and balancing and can assist in keeping us connected to spiritual guidance and inspiration. Amethyst also can help break the addiction cycle, which can be useful in a time of rebirth.

Rose Quartz is a gentle stone which is connected to unconditional love.  It assists in creating inner healing as we move towards self love and recognition of our own self worth.  In keeping with the soothing vibration of this stone, it helps to lower stress and remind us that love is always the guiding force.

Utilizing stones to focus on manifesting your goals and dreams is also a personal journey. Whether you choose to create a grid or wear a piece of jewellery, we can assist you in finding stones that will enhance your journey towards making your visions become reality.

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