A Love Spell for the Month of Love

Spells are a unique way of working with intention.  Creating a ritual to help us focus on what we desire is a powerful practice.  For this month, in conjunction with Valentine’s Day,  we have created a Love Spell bag which includes a variety of treasures to help you complete your own love spell.  



Sparkling green goldstone connects with the heart chakra and is good for emotional healing.  It is a stone of protection as well as abundance. Partnered with lepidolite, which assists in creating trust, acceptance, balance and calmness, the two stones are perfect companions to create the energy of desired love.  


Our spell bag has a charming spell which begins “Past is the past, What’s done is done, I now am ready...for me plus one”.  The intention behind the spell becomes both personal and powerful when it is handwritten and spoken aloud in its entirety.   As your intent is focused, your ability to manifest your heart’s desire strengthens and grows.




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