February Jewelry Features



Fluorite is a stone which comes in a variety of colors.  Ranging from black to pink, fluorite is a stone which can ground excess energy.  It assists in grounding higher ideals and enhances cognitive processes. Green fluorite is useful for cleansing and healing the heart chakra whereas purple fluorite is ideal for purification and assists in accessing the mind and spirit.  





Turquoise is a stone which is helpful when clear communication is needed.  It strengthens the throat chakra and is a powerful aid for anyone who does public speaking.  Turquoise is useful for enabling the truth to be spoken and is considered to be a very positive stone.




Bloodstone brings vitality and strength to the physical body.  It increases physical endurance and elicits courage when facing illness or diversity. Bloodstone is wonderful for healing as it can eliminate negative influences from the aura and can return the body to balance.  

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