Angel Statues & Decor

There is nothing more peaceful and calming than angels and we love having reminders that our beloved angels are watching over us. Having an angel statue placed in a home is a beautiful way to commemorate our loved ones who have gone too soon and a gentle reminder that they are still around, watching and keeping us safe.

We are featuring the four archangels this month to help with healing. When you use the tools outlined in these books, you are able to communicate with the archangels and they can help guide you on your correct path.

Raphael is the archangel of healing and creativity. Take back your life and heal yourself from the inside out.

Along with true stories of experiences with the power of Raphael, this book will teach you how to communicate through rituals and meditation.

Gabriel is most famous for being the archangel who delivered the message to the Virgin Mary that she would give birth the the Messiah.

God's messenger can help with fertility, childbirth, interpreting your dreams, finding your future path and overcoming personal limitations such as fear and worry.

Michael is considered the greatest angel in many religious traditions as he has been the protector and healer throughout the ages.

Get in touch with the Prince of Light to find courage, inner strength and spiritual guidance.

Uriel is the archangel known for discovering the silver lining of situations and turning misfortunes into blessings. This book has many true stories on how this amazing archangel has transformed lives and helped people find tranquility along with transformation.

This is a month of healing and remembering our special angels that walk with us everyday. Here are some of our favourite angel statues that we have featured this month at Ascendant Books.

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