Winter Solstice Crystal Bag

To connect with the energy of the transition of midwinter, we have put together a gift bag with stones that reflect the special qualities of this time.


Use mookaite to connect with the Earth and to increase feelings of self confidence and self worth. It is a stone which helps to soothe the mind and quiet distracting thoughts. Mookaite makes it easier to accept change, release old patterns and take chances without fear.


A perfect stone to symbolize the return of the sun, sunstone is associated with personal power. Use it to reflect on the qualities of light as it brings openness, warmth, abundance and strength. 

Snow Quartz

Snow quartz is supportive in a transition as it assists in learning life lessons while acknowledging limitations.


The black colour of jet symbolizes the darkness of the midwinter. It is a powerful stone for purification and protection. It can absorb negative energy from the environment and from your energy field.

Green Calcite

The colour green symbolizes renewal and rebirth. Green calcite aids in transition and can assist in dissolving old belief systems that are no longer appropriate.

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