Comfort & Joy Crystal Bag

The Comfort and Joy Bag has a special combination of stones to assist in transformation, increase powers of manifestation and life force, calms anxiety and depression, bring prosperity and luck, connect us to the divine and inspire unconditional love. 


Known as a stone of transformation, peridot is considered to be the stone of the wounded healer. It can discharge emotional issues that affect the body and can relax and release nervous tension.


Ruby is a stone that increases the life force and enhances the ability to manifest. It stimulates circulation and amplifies energy and vitality. It’s intense energy sharpens the mind bringing heightened awareness and concentration.


A gentle, calming stone that is great for anxiety and depression. It contains lithium and brings relief for anyone experiencing stress.


Embodying the energy of the violet flame, amethyst is a stone which aids in connecting to the Divine. It quietens the mind allowing for contact with spirit.


Energizing and re-generative, garnet can extract negative energy and transmute it. It balances energy bringing serenity or passion as appropriate.

Green Aventurine

Thought to be the luckiest of crystals, it is a stone that is used in creating prosperity. It helps to manifest wealth and abundance. By aligning itself with the right energy, it creates conditions where opportunities are inevitable.

Snowflake Obsidian

A stone of purity, snowflake obsidian helps to create balance of the body, mind and spirit. It heals karmic patterns and assists in examining harmful thought patterns.

Rose Quartz

With it’s gentle pink colour, rose quartz is a stone of the heart and unconditional love. It’s soothing energy inspires love and tenderness and is a beautiful stone to use for attracting love into your life.

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