December Birthstone Bag

Our December Birthstone Bags are filled with stones to embody the energy of spirit, enhance intuition, relieve tension and increase support through times of change.

Silver Topaz  

Embodying the energy of spirit, silver topaz opens one’s senses to the essence of self. It purifies the emotions and heals the soul. It is a good stone to use in spiritual development as it is a remarkable stone of truth.


The perfect stone for enhancing intuition, labradorite can calm an overactive mind. It energizes the imagination allowing for inspiration and new ideas.

Smokey Quartz

An excellent stone for relieving tension and stress, it has the ability to ward off negative thinking and help with anxiety or panic attacks. It helps eliminate worry and doubt and absorbs misfortune and sorrow. By releasing negative energies into the earth, it is a powerful cleansing stone. 

Pink Tourmaline

This stone encourages compassion and gentleness during times of growth and change. It is connected to the heart and it’s soothing and calming energy is beneficial for heart related conditions. It cleanses the emotional body of destructive feelings and guides emotions towards self love. 

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