Gifts For All Budgets

If you are looking for unique gifts, we have yoga pillows and statues of buddhas and other deities. Adorn your meditation room or sacred space with beautiful and meaningful objects to enhance the ambiance. We have bold and simply stunning pieces of jewelry that are great gifts for all budgets. Some other suggestions…..

Water Bell Fountain from Woodstock

This unique fountain features a beautiful copper bowl and handcrafted brass bells. Water bubbling up from the centre of the fountain causes two floating bells to swirl around six fixed bells which ring softly when they meet. Create a tranquil oasis in your home or meditation space with the exceptional and gentle sound of softly ringing bells and water.

Kitras Glass Ball

Developed by Canadian glass blower, Stephen Kitras, these delicate glass balls inspire reflection. From traditional witch balls, to fairy orbs and trees of enchantment, each one is uniquely beautiful.

Aromatherapy Ionizer

An ionizer is ideal for diffusing essential oils into the air to enhance well being. The fine mist created by the ionizer helps to reduce illness and protect against germs. Change your scent to reflect your mood or intention.

May we suggest some of this holiday bling for the person worth the splurge:

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