10 Gifts for Under $20

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we want to make your holiday shopping less stressful. In a time that is usually chaotic and busy, let us help you organize your time and keep you on track with your budget. Explore some of our favourite choices for uniquely personal gifts under $20.


1.Mindful and thoughtful memorial plaques are perfect ways to honour and remember those who  are no longer with us. Find the perfect message to inspire comfort and remembrance... from $14.95 to $17.95.

2. To set a serene ambiance, aroma burners priced at $12.95 are an enhancement to any environment. Choose your favourite scent such as lavender essential oil ($6.00) or pick from our wide assortment of natural essential oils.

3. For focusing your mind and clearing your space, our Woodstock mini solo chime sounds amazing and is beautifully crafted.  For only $15.95, it is an excellent way to bring peace and clarity to any environment. If you would rather use sage to clear your space, we have lovely packages containing a small abalone shell, sage and a feather for smudging.

4. At $18.95, decorative and functional Buddha or Ganesh candle holders tastefully capture the essence of the sacred. Place them on an altar or simply add them to your home decor for a distinctive addition.

5. Combine a reiki charged crystal infused bath bomb ($11.95) with a reiki charged soy candle ($7.50). The powerful healing energy is multiplied and soothes body, mind and soul. Check out our other bath bombs and soy candles and mix and match to create a meaningful and personalized gift.


6. For meditation or for creativity, we have colouring books for $9.99...buy a pencil set for an additional $8.00….another great pairing for under $20. We have colouring books to suit every taste and need.

7. Doreen Virtue has an extensive collection of Oracle Cards that can be used by anyone. These gentle and insightful cards are for sale for only $15.99. We suggest pairing the cards with a selenite wand to cleanse and charge the cards.

8. For $11.95, have a look at our wearable lava bracelet diffusers. By lightly spraying the porous mala beads with the essential oil provided, you can benefit from the healing and regenerating properties of different oils. Pick your favourite oil such as Peppermint, Orange or Grapefruit or try a relaxing or invigorating blend.

9. Good dreams can pass through a dreamcatcher while bad dreams become entangled in the web. Mini dreamcatchers priced at $15.95 are especially great gifts for young children.

10. As always, we have a wide assortment of books for any taste. Among our favourites for under $20 is “Carry on Warrior” by Glennon Doyle Melton….a great book for anyone interested in personal growth.

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