Bath and Body Products

After purifying your soul, don’t you think your body deserves a little attention?


At Ascendant Books, we carry a huge variety of bath and body products, including:

Colour Energy Products
Mother Earth Essentials
Mineral Baths
Teas (Chakra, Blooming Teas, Mother Earth Essentials)
Scents and Aromatherapy

Our luxurious soaps, creams, bath oils, and colour baths are all-natural and beautifully scented. You’ll feel transported, transformed, and renewed when you give your body what it deserves.

Of all our senses, smell has the greatest power to stir forgotten memories and invoke the magic of mere existence.

Incense and Essential Oils

Ascendant has over a hundred types and aromas of incense, including the world-famous Nag Champa, and a wide variety of smudges, sweet grass, and aromatic oils.