Lifting the Veil On Rituals

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What is a Ritual?

The word “ritual” can conjure up images of a negative nature, but rituals can be created for every purpose imaginable. Rituals do not have to be religious or even spiritual; they can be as simple as doing something repeatedly.

The purpose of a ritual is to set an intention. Consistency and repetition focuses your attention on a goal or purpose.Getting up every morning and asking yourself “What good can I do today” becomes a personal ritual that creates meaning and attention for the upcoming day.


Following the idea that “what you put your attention on grows stronger” is behind the principle of every ritual.We have included a sample ritual you may want to use or adapt to your own purpose.

Behind The Veil Ritual

This is a time when the veil separating the living and the dead is thinnest and is easier to connect with loved ones and helpers
Some of the best helpers we have are those on the other side. (angels, spirit guides, members of our soul family).

How do we connect with a spirit to gain help? Sometimes the clearest way is to meditate with crystals. You can ask for signs throughout the day and have the crystals with you. Different crystals give you spirit awareness, communication and clarity. Be open to hear the specific messages that are given to you.

All of the crystals listed below can be held in your hands while you meditate, placed under a pillow while you sleep, or carried with you to gain insights about your life. Use the crystals in the best way for you personally. Spirit communication is always a personal journey.

Note: during and after the communication process, hold a grounding stone for approximately ten minutes. Grounding crystals raise the amount of energy being received from the earth and stabilize your vibrations so that you are not lightheaded or dizzy (always a strong possibility). A clear head always helps when deciphering any messages you have received.
For this ritual you will need the following crystals: 


Amethyst opens up the upper chakras, clearing the energy pathways.  It helps alleviate anxiety and impatience so you can concentrate better during meditation. I t helps gain greater insights while protecting the user.  It is powerful for dream messages.

Blue Lace Agate balances your emotions so that you can more easily raise your energy to receive information from spirits.

Clear Quartz is the ultimate amplifier.  It boosts the energy of any crystal you use and concentrates your energies towards your goal. It creates a bond with the spirit realm. It acts as a fantastic channel for higher beings and helps you sense and commune with those spirits.


Charoite helps you connect with the divine by enhancing your natural intuitive talents.  Often we receive messages through sight, sounds, and impressions. I t will help you to receive information from spirits.

Selenite cleanses the aura, aids in spirit interactions and promotes dream recall.

Celestite opens your connections to higher realms.  It helps you relax, clearing away thoughts, worries, or stresses you might have.  Then it strengthens your link to higher beings. It soothes and can gently transition you into a dream state and help you recall and interpret the information you gain.

Grounding your energy: Obsidian protects your aura and grounds you.  It brings wisdom to your thoughts and helps your intuition.

Additional items:
A photo or item owned by the soul you want to connect with.
Pen. Paper. 
White candle. Coarse white salt.

Go into a room or space where you will not be disturbed. 
Light the white candle. 
Hold the crystals and salt or place them in a circle around you. Keep the obsidian in your hand.

Ask for your angels and guides for protection.
Close your eyes. Relax. 
Focus on the person you want to connect with (you can hold the item or photo as well).
Invite them to come and spend some time with you. If you have questions or just want some general guidance, ask for that now. 
Be patient. Wait for their answer.
Follow your intuition as you receive the messages. Maybe it is only a word or two. A scent that brings you comfort.  A memory that reminds you of a happy time. A feeling of ease or forgiveness. Everything that you experience during this time is a message for you. 

Accept and receive it.
Blow out the candle.
Say thank you.


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Friday the 13th

ascendant books halloween

Don't be scared, it's only Friday the 13th...

The month of October this year includes Friday falling on the 13th. Any month that starts with a Sunday will contain a Friday the 13th and there can be as many as three per year. Bad luck is often associated with the date and bad luck or misfortune have occurred in history which has set the belief that the day is unlucky. In Christian belief, Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. On Friday the 13th in 1307, thousands of Knights Templar were arrested and later burned at the stake for their beliefs. 

Fear and anxiety often surround Friday the 13th and associating bad things with the date has become embedded as a superstition in our culture. It’s good to know that in some cultures, 13 is considered to be a lucky number. For pagans it is considered to be lucky as there are 13 full moons in a year. Remember….lots of good things have happened on Friday the the day unfolds is totally up to you.

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Halloween Lore

ascendant books halloween

It's our favourite time of year and we love reading back on lore and tales of the season. Enjoy!

- Halloween originated from the combination of the Celtic New Year  or Samhain (October 31)  and the Christian holiday, All Saints Day (November 1).

- Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange symbolizes the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.

ascendant books halloween

- Black cats, spiders and bats are associated with witches and were once believed to be their familiars.

- Celts believed the ghosts of the dead roamed the Earth on Halloween so people dressed in costumes and left treats on their doorsteps to appease the roaming spirits.

ascendant books halloween

- In some parts of Ireland, fortune telling games to predict marriage were played on Halloween.

- Full moons on Halloween are rare. The last one occurred in 2001 and the next will occur in 2020.

ascendant books halloween

- Halloween or Samhain is the Wiccan New Year.

- The word “witch” comes from the Old English word meaning “wise woman”.

ascendant books halloween

- Owls are a popular Halloween image. In Medieval Europe, owls were thought to be witches and to hear an owl cry meant someone was about to die.

- The first known mention of trick-or-treating in print occurred in 1927 in Blackie, Alberta.

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Libra - “I Balance”


Libra ~ "I Balance"

The phrase and overall theme associated with the sign of Libra is "I balance". Librans seek balance in all things. They are courteous and excel in making others feel comfortable. They enjoy being around other people but feel more comfortable in one-on-one relationships.

Libra is a complex and contradictory sign. As Librans are aware of both side of situations, they can be perceived as being too indecisive or changeable. Too  often, they seek approval from others which leaves them uncertain about what their own opinions are. Diplomacy, cooperation and compromise are skills that LIbrans possess and an appreciation for beauty and the arts adds to their innate sense of refinement.

September 23rd - October 22nd

Ruling Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Flower: Bluebells, roses
Stone: Opal, tourmaline
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 9
Likes: balance, harmony, logic, peace
Dislikes: rudeness, unfairness, making decisions quickly, crowds, injustice



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