Jewelry Spotlight: Plum Traders

This month we are featuring jewelry from Plum Traders. Each stunning piece is handcrafted by artisan tradesmen who have developed their craft over many generations. We are proud to carry these beautiful pieces not only because they are exceptional, but because the company has a fair trade policy that helps to improve the living conditions for the people living in the countries in which the jewellery is made. Each piece of the jewelry in this collection has been created and handcrafted in India and Nepal.

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Dragon Lore

Enter The Magical World Of Dragons

Stories about dragons have been around for centuries throughout different cultures. From the famous stories of dragonslayers to ‘Game of Thrones,’ they have captivated our hearts and minds with the promise of mystical wisdom, power and awe. Every ancient culture seems to love dragons. Japanese, Greek, Icelandic, Chinese and Celtic cultures all share stories about dragons. Here are a few interesting facts about dragons that may inspire you to venture into the realm of the dragon.

  • There are three species of Ancient Chinese Dragons; “lung” (sky), “li” (sea) and “kiau (marsh). The dragons connect to the different elements and are believed to be a symbol of royalty.
  • The Celts thought dragons existed in the afterlife. They were revered as powerful animals     who had the gift of prophecy. When life ended, it was expected that a dragon would assist you to the other side.
  • Some dragons have wings while others don’t. Having wings does not appear to affect their ability to fly...with or without wings, they have the magical ability to soar.
  • Eastern dragons are smaller than Western dragons. They have longer bodies and have horns for ears. They do not roar but make the sound of beating gongs or jingling bells. Western dragons are enormous fire breathing serpents who are fierce and hungry. They were around in the Middle Ages when knights challenged them to battle.
  • Dragon medicine is associated with change, transformation and supernatural abilities. Their ability to shed their skin and completely transform is an illustration of the kind of magical powers dragons possess. Rising from the ashes, they are reborn into a new life.

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Awakening the Feminine Spirit

Image sourced via

Image sourced via

Gaia - Mother Earth

Gaia is also known as the goddess of the Earth. When she was born at the dawn of creation, Gaia stretched out to become all of the earth’s lands. Her maternal power was revered in Greek mythology when she gave birth to the Titans (the first race of the Gods) and the first humans. She was seen as a benevolent and nurturing mother and was an eternal force that sustained and granted life.

The name Gaia has become synonymous with Mother Nature as she personifies the entire environment of the planet Earth. Working to achieve balance and harmony, she nurtures, heals and supports all life. Attuning our consciousness to the energy of Gaia allows us to live in balance with the environment and with all life. When we are out of balance with the earth energy, our personal and global environment suffers.

In ancient times the Greeks believed that an oath sworn by Gaia was the strongest you could make since no one could escape from the earth itself. In honoring Gaia today, we can make an oath to her by reducing the impact of our actions on the environment, by respecting the earth and all existence and by acknowledging the beauty in life. As spring renews itself, the energy of Gaia re-emerges as a replenishing and healing energy that renews our earth with the cyclical energy of creation.

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Embrace Your Inner Goddess

Image sourced via  Kara Earls

Image sourced via Kara Earls

Goddesses are found in cultures and religions throughout the world. There are also goddesses associated with the seasons, the moon, the harvest and various aspects of life. The power of the feminine is embodied in each goddess and by connecting to the archetype of a specific goddess, you can connect with the spiritual wisdom and authenticity that the goddess represents. Here are a few well known goddesses that may help you begin your personal journey towards connecting with the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Athena (Greek) 
Known as the goddess of war and wisdom, she has great intellectual abilities which allow her to see the truth and to develop strategies. Crafts, courage, law and justice, strength and skill are all attributes of Athena. She is connected to the owl as well as the olive tree.

Kali (Hindu)
She is a fearsome goddess who represents the death and destruction of evil forces. She grants liberation by removing the illusion of the ego and is worshipped as the Divine Mother or Mother of the Universe.

Cerridwen (Welsh) 
Representing fertility, creativity, harvest, inspiration and knowledge, Cerridwen embodies lunar energy and the changing seasons and is often depicted with her cauldron. The cauldron is sacred as it contains awen or the divine spirit. 

Lilith (Hebrew)
Lilith’s symbol is an apple as depicted in the Garden of Eden. She refused to be subordinate to anyone and is symbolic of the themes of freedom, courage, playfulness and passion. Internalizing Lilith means embodying fairness, bravery and equality.

Spider Woman (Native American) 
Grandmother Spider is an important goddess amongst many North American tribes. Her webs represent the matrix of our societies and she uses her power to weave the fabric of time. She creates all with her thoughts and dreams.

Hera (Roman)
Queen of the gods and the goddess of marriage and women, Hera ruled over the heavens and earth. She reminds us that there is light and dark within all of us and joy and pain are linked in life. She affirms that we can use our own wisdom in the pursuit of our goals.

If you wish to work with goddess energy or to align yourself with the Divine Feminine, research the path of the goddess by using a goddess oracle or meditate on making a personal connection to a specific goddess. There are several books available on goddesses which can show you how to communicate or attune with the unique energy of each goddess. Become your own guide by embodying the attributes and sacred energy of whatever goddess you chose to connect to.

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