Passion For Pink - A Declaration of Love!


The month of February brings with it Valentine’s Day and a hint of new beginnings. Red hearts and red roses inspire passion and declarations of love. The strength of red when mixed with white creates a new colour; the colour pink. The vibration of red changes and becomes softer and a new energy is created.


Love of Pink

  • Aligning with the heart chakra, pink is the colour of universal love.

  • Pink has a calming effect and is symbolic of feminine energy such as nurturing and compassion.


  • The colour pink gives off a creative vibe and brings feelings of hope and joy.

  • Like springtime flowers, pink evokes new beginnings and represents youth and innocence.

  • Pink is often used in hospitals and prisons to reduce erratic behaviour.


Love of Self

When you're feeling low and down on yourself, why not give yourself the gift of acceptance, love and compassion.  Here are some ways to practice self love.


Create a ritual

With intention, do something loving for yourself. Whether it’s lighting a candle, taking a bubble bath or walking in nature, it is important to send yourself the message that you are worth it.


Be Mindful

Knowing what you think, feel and want helps you to create what is right for you rather than responding to what other people think.


Set Boundaries

Say “no” to things that deplete your energy or harm you physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Surround Yourself With Support

Be open to having the right people in your life. Choose people who are on your side and want the best for you. Create a community based on positive support and inspiration.


Stop Comparing

You are a unique individual with special talents, resources and strengths. If you’re comparing yourself to people on social media or otherwise, it can leave you feeling negative and unworthy.


Wishing you all the love and light this month! Follow along we we illuminate the path inwards to LOVE!

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Stones to Align with the Energy of Pink

Think Pink as we shift our focus to self love, rituals of healing the relationship to Self and strengthening the love around you!


Rose Quartz

Known as the ‘Love Stone’ rose quartz opens the heart chakra and inspires every type of love. Whether you are seeking romantic love or practicing self love, the soft vibration of rose quartz enhances love in any situation.



By attuning to morganite, you can tune into the frequency of divine love. With forgiveness and compassion you can release and heal old wounds, sorrows, heart aches and traumas. Morganite activates the heart chakra and allows for healing and cleansing to occur.


Pink Calcite

Through unconditional love and caring learn to love and care for yourself with pink calcite. It is a wonderful stone for discovering your true talents and assists you in determining your life’s purpose.



Known as the ‘Stone of Love and Balance’ rhodochrosite cleanses the heart chakra and the emotional body. By releasing energy and suffering from past lives, the emotional body can be programmed to receive joy.



This stone has been called ‘The Stone of Greatest Potential’ because it energizes the heart chakra to receive unconditional love. It dispels anxiety and promotes coherence by helping the user to pay attention to details about relationships.


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Stones of the Month | January

In keeping with the spirit of red, our stones of the month are energetically attuned to that vibration.


Garnet is considered to be a lucky stone and is the traditional birthstone for those born in January. It’s primary properties are all related to creating energy and regeneration. Known as the “Stone of Health” it helps to remove negative energies to strengthen the body and the mind.



Ruby was once considered to be the stone of kings and queens. The majestic quality of the stone cannot be minimized as it has the ability to increase vitality and chi by stimulating the Root Chakra. It brings the wearer a sense of self confidence and determination. The intense vibration of ruby can amplify energy which brings heightened awareness and increases the ability to concentrate.



Coral is known as a stone of peace and transformation. It is made from an accumulation of polyps and is found in water around the world. It is finely tuned to ocean and water energy and helps to support you through periods of change and transformation.


Laguna Jasper

Helping to inspire imagination and inspiration, laguna jasper is a great stone for creativity. Vibrating at a slower frequency and lower intensity, it promotes self confidence and provides a strengthening influence.


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Create Your Ritual With 7 Day Candles


We are now carrying 7 day candles that can be used in prayer, meditation, spirit work and ritual. As the name implies, the candle contained in glass, is meant to burn over a seven day period. There is no restriction on how to use the candle. Some people let the candle burn for 7 days without extinguishing it but using it in this fashion requires that you have a completely safe place in which to burn the candle. If you do not want to burn the candle continuously, you can snuff it out after you have finished your prayer or ritual.

How to Use The Candle

Before lighting the candle, set a goal and focus your intention on the outcome you would like to achieve. You can write it down on a piece of paper if you like.

As you light the candle, focus on your intention and put all of your energy into the candle as you watch the flame. This is charging the candle with your energy.

When you feel you are satisfied with the meditation, snuff the candle out. Do not blow it out as this diffuses the energy.

You can repeat the process for a seven day period. By utilizing this practice, you will become stronger at visualizing what you want and setting an intention and purpose to create what you want in your life.

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