Sweeping Into September


Not Your Regular Kitchen Broom!

We have a new selection of beautiful handmade brooms that are perfect for the renewal and transformation that comes with Fall and the celebration of Samhain. Also known as a Besom, the handcrafted broom was commonly known as the “witches broomstick” in ancient times. Brooms were often found just inside the home with the bristles pointing up to ward away evil spirits and negative energies. Some ancient brooms had hidden compartments in the handle that carried objects to strengthen the energy and purpose of the broom.


Today besoms are used in ritual to direct energy or to sweep away negative energy. Making way for new energy to come in, some common uses of besoms include:

  • Cleansing a ritual space or sweeping a space before casting a circle
  • Placing a besom under a bed to keep away nightmares
  • Placing a besom on an altar to help with spell casting
  • Sweeping the energy on the outside of a house to keep negative energy from entering the home
  • Handfasting ceremonies

If you want to explore the many uses of a besome for cleansing or ritual, here is a chant to use when focusing your intention and clearing your space.

    “Besom besom long and lithe
     Made from ash and willow withe
      Tied with thongs of willow bark
     In running stream at moonset dark.
     Sweep out darkness, sweep out ill
     Where we do the Lady’s will.
     So Be It. Blessed Be.


Come by Ascendant Books and browse these beautiful brooms before they fly out the door. Wishing you a clean sweep into September! 

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Divine Guidance ~ Pendulums


Using a Pendulum for Guidance and Answers

Pendulums are a divine tool to answer questions and seek guidance. Historically, they have been used to locate water, pinpoint illness in the body or find lost objects. So how do they work?By tapping into our subconscious mind, pendulums help us to access things our conscious mind is not aware of.  Here are a few pointers in getting started with a pendulum.

Start by learning to read the meaning of the motion the pendulum makes. Sit still, hold your elbow in your hand, and dangle the chain of the pendulum.

Think of the word “Yes” and watch which way the pendulum moves...then ask a specific question you know has a “Yes” answer. Keep the question simple and then do the same for the word “No”. Now you know which way the pendulum moves for each response. 

After your pendulum is calibrated, practice with it and focus on making your questions specific - in other words, questions should only have a “Yes” or “No” response. If the pendulum moves in another direction, that probably means you have found a response for “I don’t know”. 

Have fun picking a pendulum that you resonate with. It’s a powerful tool for accessing intuition and using it frequently establishes a bond that you can rely on to see the bigger picture. 

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The Benefits of Reading To Your Child


Almost every adult can remember a special favourite book from childhood. It may be a book that was read to us by our parents or grandparents and the story may have been repeated over and over so often that we have never forgotten it.


We carry a large selection of children’s books and are strong supporters of sharing the joy of reading with children. Here are some of the benefits your child can experience when you read to them:

Children develop language skills and increase their vocabulary.

It helps them to concentrate, focus and sit still for longer periods of time

As knowledge is shared, question can be encouraged. Curiosity encourages a love
of learning.


Imagination and creativity are developed as the child engages with a story. Every character comes alive when the magic of reading inspires involvement and excitement.

A special bond is created with your child that will last a lifetime. Cuddle up and enjoy the shared experience of storytime.



Exposing your child to reading encourages them to develop a lifelong love of reading. Happy memories will encourage them to make reading a habit throughout their life.

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Summer Play

“It is a happy talent to know how to play”
                    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summer and playing go together. Spending the hot summer days enjoying spontaneity and freedom is a treasured memory of most adults and is every child’s wish.


Playing allows children to use their imagination which develops confidence and creativity. Social skills can be developed through play when children learn about getting along with others. The benefits of play are numerous, but here are a few to consider.


Children develop muscles, flexibility, bone density and increase fine and gross motor skills.

Free play helps to build self confidence, esteem and encourages them to take risks. Self expression and creativity thrive and limitations are tested and understood.

Play increases intelligence and the ability to articulate. Language, reasoning skills and problem solving can all be tested at the playground.


The skills we learn as children lay the foundation for adulthood. Giving a child the opportunity and freedom to play exposes him or her to one of life’s greatest learning experiences. Adults also benefit from watching children play as it reminds them of the innocence of childhood.

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