Receiving Divine Guidance


Tune Into Your Intuition

Intuition is an ability we all have, as is our ability to communicate with the Divine. If you are willing to tune in, spirit is always available to help. A simple technique for tuning in is to set an intention and begin by clearing your space by smudging, lighting candles or burning incense. Find your space of inner silence and ask yourself a question...listen for the answer...the first answer you receive will likely be the most accurate. Try it for yourself by asking the question “What does my soul need?” and be open to receiving the guidance that comes.


The Journey Is Yours

Remember that Divine guidance is meant to provide hope and inspiration and feels good when you attune to it. You know what is best for you and be aware that negativity does not exist within this realm. Watch for signs and pay attention...spirit surrounds us at all times and is there for guidance whenever we ask. If you wish, you can incorporate tools which will assist you in developing the connection. Accessing Divine guidance is a personal and sacred practice that is unique to each individual.

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Capricorn ~ "I Use"

December 22nd - January 19th

Capricorn is an earth sign that symbolizes achievement. Concrete results are the goal that is accomplished through effort and time. Capricorns are ambitious and are prepared to put in the work to get things done. Like the goat climbing the mountain, satisfaction comes when each part of a goal is achieved.


Mentally strong with the ability to be natural leaders, Capricorns are often misunderstood by other people. Beneath their reserved exterior, Capricorns are sensitive, sympathetic and willing to provide strength and support to those they care about. They place great importance on personal happiness and respond well to the stability of family life. 

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Sea Goat
Flower: Pansies and Ivy
Stone: Garnet
Lucky Numbers: 26, 22, 10, 8, 4
Likes: persistence, improving themselves, practical thinking, responsibility, wisdom
Dislikes: Laziness, anger, gossip, foolishness


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Sagittarius - "I Aim"

November 23 - December 21

Symbol: The Archer
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Flower: Narcissus
Stone: Turquoise
Lucky numbers: 3,4,12, 21
LIkes: adventure travelling, honesty, intellect, speculation, animals
Dislikes: deception, sitting still, being insulted

Inspired, optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius brings sparkle to the world. With enthusiasm, excitement and big dreams, Sagittarius can inspire those around them with their intelligence and sense of humour. They make wonderful teachers as they are spontaneous, fun to be around and love to share knowledge. 

Speaking the truth is important to people born under this sign, but sometimes their honesty can be a bit harsh. They often have to learn to speak the truth while understanding that the truth is not always easy for people to hear. Their energy is boundless and needs to be channelled or they can becomes restless and impatient. The carefree nature of Sagittarius is often hard to pin down but once they make a commitment, they are extremely loyal and sincere. Following their dreams gives them direction and reaching a destination only inspires them to seek further.


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