Kate King Trunk Show and Vibrational Consulting

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Kate King Trunk Show and Vibrational Consulting

Thursday, November 8 at Ascendant Books

Ascendant Books is excited to announce we are hosting a Kate King trunk show featuring Shelley Carter-Gallant. Shelley is the independent Vibrational Consultant for Kate King Jewellery serving Edmonton and area; she has been trained, mentored and certified by Kate King!


Shelley will assist you to build a Gemstone Toolkit designed to help you move through your life with greater ease and grace. Each stone does a different job. When we enhance our frequency it allows us to move out of lower emotions quickly and engage the higher states of love, success, joy, abundance and health.

Please call Ascendant Books (780-452-5372) to book your 45 minute consultation with Shelley. She is taking appointments in-store from 10am onward, with her last booking at 6pm.

Book Signing - 'Self Approved' by Kat Trimarco

Book Signing - 'Self Approved' by Kat Trimarco
Sunday, September 17th 1-4pm

Kat is a spiritual teacher, published author, life coach, sex coach, and speaker. In her inspirational memoir and self-help book, Self Approved, Kat takes the reader on a revelatory journey through her transformation into sobriety and soul-centered living.

It was through rigorous self- examination, deep seeking, and spiritual learning that Kat came home to her truest self. From this place, she leads others to find their truth and live it unapologetically.


No Touchy Campaign

On November 19th we are proudly featuring one of our very own staff members, Shannon, to share her "No Touchy" campaign with all of us. Shannon will have a table set up with her amazing t-shirts, decals and more for sale. All funds from the campaign go towards supporting the healing process of sexual abuse victims. Learn more about Shannon's story and the campaign at the website below.